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On June 2, 2005, the birth certificate of the OncoHelp Association was registered, which this year celebrates 15 years of presence on the Romanian medical market. The anniversary is a good opportunity to look back on all the achievements of this period, but also to show our gratitude to all those who have made sustained efforts to support us.

After OncoHelp set up the first oncology office in 2004 that operated on the ground floor of a block of flats, the following year, with the relocation of this office to its current location on Ciprian Porumbescu Street, the idea of ​​setting up the OncoHelp Association appeared. The mission of this association was to become the promotion and support of any type of activity meant to support people with cancer, and the fight for the development of oncological medical services necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
“Exactly 15 years ago, I founded a non-profit association after a legal marathon of several months. At that time, we thought of this association as a fund-raising mechanism that would allow us to develop an oncology service as an alternative to the limited offer of those times.

The name of the association was chosen with a reluctance, the option to use non-Romanian words being dictated then by the hope of obtaining consistent support from charities abroad. I was at the beginning of the road, I had a lot of enthusiasm but little knowledge about the real possibilities of such an association. In the end, it turned out that the entire subsequent development was done with local resources and the community permanently supported us after understanding the importance of our approach.

Looking back today, on the 15th anniversary of the birth of OncoHelp, I can say that it was probably our most beautiful years – the members of the association, that they brought us probably the greatest professional achievements. The OncoHelp Association was our child who was born shy but developed beyond our boldest dreams of that time, since 2005. And because he is only 15 years old, today we are convinced that maybe more, even much more. We want OncoHelp to be a synonym for professionalism and care for the suffering man in the decades to come, a synonym for victory in the fight against cancer. ” said Conf. Dr. Șerban NEGRU

In 2005 began the development of the first and most important project of the Association, namely the construction of the OncoHelp Oncology Center, which celebrated 10 years of activity in the fall of 2019.
The OncoHelp Association has always placed the community at the center of its development concerns, constantly receiving substantial support from sponsors, ordinary citizens or the various institutions and organizations that have joined it in the fight against cancer. Only in this way were they possible:

• In 2005 – the establishment of the second headquarters of the oncology office created in 2004, in the house with surrounding land on C. Porumbescu street no. 59, with a team of 6 members;

• In 2006 – the start of construction for the OncoHelp Oncology Center building – with the help of an impressive number of sponsors and donors from the community;

• In 2007 – The OncoHelp Association together with the Women Entrepreneur Association organizes a charity ball to continue the construction of the OncoHelp Oncology Center;

• In 2008 – The OncoHelp Association, through community promotion actions, begins the collaboration with Avon Cosmetics Romania, thus succeeding in continuing the construction of the OncoHelp Oncology Center. Funds amounting to 140,000 Euros are thus obtained;

• In 2009 – to complete the construction, the OncoHelp Association receives support from the Rotary Club Cetate through the campaign “A hand outstretched to life”, thus managing the inauguration of the OncoHelp Oncology Center with an area of ​​830 square meters, 3 levels and 32 beds;

• In 2011 – the inauguration of the Imaging Department of the OncoHelp Oncology Center takes place by purchasing a computer tomograph, worth 100,000 euros, with the help of Avon Cosmetics Romania;

• In 2012 – People for People Gala brings funds for the expansion of the OncoHelp Oncology Center building. The hematology department with 15 beds is set up, and the palliative care department, also with 15 beds. It is thus possible to complete the building on 6 levels, with a total number of 160 beds;

• In 2013 – the fundraising actions continue by attracting a sponsorship from the Kolping Sfânta Maria Timișoara Association, Kolping Rothenbach Germany and Schmitt und Sohn Aufzuge. It is thus possible to equip the OncoHelp Oncology Center with an elevator for patients worth 60,000 Euros;

• In 2014 – a donation is attracted from the Give Life Association, worth 400,000 Euros, and construction begins on the first

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