The Giant Dolls Are Back On The Streets Of Craiova

The Theater for Children and Youth “Colibri” from Craiova organizes, between August 25 and September 1, the second edition of the animation art festival “Puppets occupy street”. The puppets will descend from the theater stages directly into the street. The theme chosen this year is “water”. Craiova residents will be able to admire parades with oversized dolls and street animation, over 100 events supported by over 20 troupes from theaters in the country, but also abroad. So far, the representatives of the “Colibri” Theater have received confirmations from theaters in Bulgaria, Spain, Serbia, Argentina, Italy, Iran, Hungary.

In parks, in the center of Craiova, but also in neighborhoods, there will be creative workshops, screenings of animated films and a large exhibition open at the Multifunctional Center. “To the exhibition that will take place at the Multifunctional Center, in addition to the scenography exhibition, we will add this year photography exhibitions, theater posters, book launches. The caravan with oversized dolls will go to the Craioviţa Nouă neighborhood, to the “Nicolae Romanescu” Park, to the “Mihai Viteazul” Square, to the Old Center of Craiova, but also to Novac’s Furrow, the Vâlcii Barrier. The caravan with dolls will also reach the alleys of the Botanical Garden or other surprise spaces where you will wake up practically overwhelmed by music, dolls, children. We want this festival to become one of the most important in the country “, said Adriana Teodorescu, manager of the Theater for Children and Youth” Colibri “.

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